Friday, February 6, 2009

Just another Wednesday

So, not wanting to break with routine, I brought Tinkerbelle to Taylor & Dunn's Trivia with the girls on Wednesday. We yet again came in second place, and although it wasn't to Outsource This or the Diamonds, it was to a new pair of folks sitting at the bar. Tinkerbelle would have been great at flying through the air to sneak a listen into other teams' answers but.. No. Tinkerbelle, in a very un-Disneylike move went headfirst into Robin's Miller Lite and was promptly soused. Jano, Renee, Andy, Mark, Jeri, Katie and Robin, by the way, send their bonjours. Oh! and I remembered to ask for some cayenne pepper to be added to my thousand island dressing to make it more Russian and YUMMY it was very good!

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