Monday, February 23, 2009

New Gutters for Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle was looking to simply forget the quietness of the end room (we're not allowed to call it Trelawny's room anymore because she just starts to sob) so Tinkerbelle joined me at Thursday night bowling with the boys. Greg, Dave and Don were all in fine form and had convinced me a I needed a new ball, so last Saturday, Tink and I went shopping. Thursday was the big night - the first throw of the new, heavier ball.
It could have gone a little better.
Seems the drill holes for the thumb aren't going in the same direction as my thumb. This is a bit of a problem. I suspect that Dennis at the bowling shop just wanted me to come back so he could hold my hand some more.
We christened the new ball anyway, and then after throwing a few strikes and a few stinkers, we retired to the pizza and bar area where, thankfully, they were not holding Kareoke that night. Tinkerbelle got to meet Barb, Greg's wife, and see if John is really as tough as he wants us to think.

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